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I own a web hosting company and I have tried many other hosting providers but seems like I have found a company which wont cost me to loose customers. BlessHost's technical support team is super friendly and their dedicated servers are lightening fast. I highly recommend BlessHost.

Peter K. Customer Source: TrustPilot

2 months ago my friend referred me the website of BlessHost. I bought their shared hosting, just to test their servers and I was so impressed with the speed and uptime. I'm using their dedicated server now and its amazing.

William J. Customer Source: HostSearch

Seems like they are new in the market with huge data centers. I am using their shared hosting and my website loads like I have bought a dedicated server. Highly recommend!!!

Henry W. Customer Source: HostSearch

It has truly been a blessing to have my website hosted on BlessHost. The customer support team is just awesome, all my data from the old hosting provider was transferred for free, along with all my old emails. I'm so happy with their hosting services.

Maria W. Customer Source: HostSearch

Excellent support, they migrated my site within 3 hours and the site loads much faster than my previous host!!!

Simon M. Customer Source: Serchen

Server uptime, stability and reliability can only be found here. Thank you BlessHost!

Samantha R. Customer Source: