Search Engine Optimization

Get your site ranking higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo! with search optimization strategies created specifically for your business.

Why do you need SEO?

We develop your search engine optimization strategy, with our advanced techniques which frees you up to focus on your business/industry while leaving the search engine optimization tactics to us.

Appear on the Front Page of Google
Appear on the

Front Page of Google!

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.

Keyword Research
Robust Strategy for

Keyword Research

One of the most Important SEO factors is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.


  • Professional SEO Audit for 5 pages
  • Campaign optimized for 3 keywords
  • 3 monthly authority sites created
  • Analytics / Webmaster Tools Management
  • Internal / External Link Building


  • Professional SEO Audit for 10 pages
  • Campaign optimized for 6 keywords
  • 6 monthly authority sites created
  • Analytics / Webmaster Tools Management
  • Internal / External Link Building


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  • Dedicated SEO Specialist
  • Campaign optimized for selected keywords
  • Dedicated Marketing Consultant
  • Analytics / Webmaster Tools Management
  • Internal / External Link Building

All of our Plans include

Engaging your clients is not just about having a website, but having your website found. We have the expertise and tools to enhance your online presence.

Professional SEO Audit

A technical SEO Audit which highlights the changes that need to be made to your website to meet Google’s demands for a ‘high-quality’ website.

Keyword Analysis

Ensuring relevance for the key transactional search terms which puts your business at the front when consumers are looking for your services.

Monthly Link Building

It is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own which can indeed put you ahead of both other SEOs and your competition.

Monthly Article Posts

100% Custom Content & Copywriting which ensure that you get SEO-friendly web content that effectively communicates your message.

Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Our professional meta tag optimization services include meta tags for all the essential pages of your website.

Monthly Ranking Reports

A detail monthly ranking report will be provided so that you can keep track of your website rank progress.

Dedicated Support Team

BlessHost SEO team is comprised of seasoned SEO professionals who understand every aspect of SEO (search engine optimization).

Professional Content Review

With our professional content review, your website will become more useful, more powerful and more profitable.

On-page Optimization

Our on-page optimization provides an evaluation of all the on-page SEO factors that impact rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site's visibility in the organic search results to attract qualified traffic. In other words "Everything is done to ensure getting found on the Internet and to make sure that the ensuing traffic converts."

What is organic traffic?

Organic (natural) search traffic refers to the unpaid traffic that naturally finds its way to a site through search engines. Most organic traffic originates from a search entered into a major search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or even YouTube or Google image search.

What is the difference between On-page & Off-page SEO?

On-page optimization involves developing your site's content for relevance to popular keywords and ensuring that its code and content are correctly structured such that search engine spiders can index them.
Off-page optimization refers to the quality and quantity of links pointing to a page, which is used by search engines to help determine authority and relevance.

Which SEO technique is more important?

Both on and off page optimization are necessary to achieve effective, long-term SEO success in most industries.

How much involvement is needed from me?

Aside from a few items that require client approval, you can be as involved or hands-off as you would like. Some of our clients choose to be highly involved and enjoy providing content ideas and suggestions. Others prefer to concentrate on their day-to-day business and leave all SEO efforts to our team. We respect each store owner's personal time commitments. Regardless of your involvement level, our SEO team will always provide consistent reporting to ensure that you're informed on current developments.

What is blacklisting?

A site can be blacklisted if unethical search engine positioning tactics have been used or if the search engine algorithm determines that it believes they have been. It can be very difficult to recover from a blacklisting; often it is easier to simply use another domain with a new site and move forward from there after cleaning out whatever spam tactic got you banned.